Tuesday, February 24, 2009

the economics of microstock

I still don't understand why people would put images on microstock sites, where they sell for less than a dollar for usage rights. As an example, I have 11 images on Alamy. Total income is over $1200 for 6 sales. I could have had the same images on a microstock site and made about $5. Don't sell yourself short. If your images are worth something, they are worth more than pennies.


forkboy said...

That does seem to make sense.

Not knowing anything about this market, is it possible folks put their pictures out there for only pennies (per se) because they're looking to establish themselves?

Doug Stockdale said...

You have my attention! I guess I would like to know a little more about this stock agency, etc. You are a tad bit too far away for lunch to discuss, eh?

John Tucker said...

I'm with you. I would never put my images on a microstock site. It's just plain insulting and economically stupid. -John