Friday, February 13, 2009


I'm more interested in a photography that is 'unfinished' - a photography that is suggestive and can trigger a conversation or dialogue. There are pictures that are closed, finished, to which there is no way in.

- Paolo Pellegrin
Maybe a clue as to why I like blur and out of focus images so much. There is some mystery left, some questions still unanswered.


sus said...


Thanks for finding my blog. Now I have found yours and bookmarked it.

Hope you and the misses are doing well, enjoying Austin and photography. Triathlons still in the viewfinder?


Anita Jesse said...

I am drawn to unfinished photos, but still haven't gotten a handle on making them in a way that quite satisfies me. Yours work.

forkboy said...

You are absolutely right; it does beg questions, like "Why doesn't he own a tripod?"