Tuesday, March 03, 2009

blogging explosion


You have to watch these blog things carefully. They seem to reproduce when you aren't paying attention. Right now in addition to this main blog on photography, I have four others that I'm contributing to. Doug Stockdale asked me to give some insight into the photographic exhibitions that are happening in and around central Texas, at his PhotoExhibit site. There is a new post there from me on the Fritz Henle retrospective that just recently started at the Harry Ransom Center here in Austin.

I am also part of the Stills photographic group, who create a collaborative photoblog. Membership is limited to 10 people and commenting is only enabled for people within the group. We've had some interesting discussions in the short time I've been a member. The final photographic blog, Everyday Ironman, is dedicated to my current triathlon project, with additional contributions from the two other writers working on the idea. This is more of an ongoing log of the progress of the project, with typically more photographs than I'm showing here.

I also have an infrequent technical/work related blog, Five Computers, which covers topics of technical interest to me, including data visualisation, electronic design automation and verification.

These blogs are like rabbits. Hopefully I can refrain from starting any more this year.


forkboy said...

You should start a blog about not getting bogged down in too many blogs.

Yves said...

Is the time running slower for you ?

Miserere said...

Yeah Gordon, you gotta keep those blogs from procreating ;-)