Saturday, May 16, 2009

mac performance tuning for photographers


I've been considering upgrading to Photoshop CS4 for a while now and doing the cross-platform dance to get it for my Mac. Lightroom meets most of my needs, until now when I'm getting more serious about putting my SoFoBoMo book together. The localised editing and masking in Lightroom just isn't really enough, particularly for doing more detailed black and white conversions. It's come the time to do it, but Adobe don't want my money today. 7 days a week customer service but only sales during business hours. I'll try again next week. For now I've been using the trial version of CS4 Extended that you can download. I found this performance tuning guide, just going through the steps now.

On the bingo front, Amanda's number was 22, but the chicken was a bit crowd shy. We left before we heard about any result - maybe there's an envelope of cash waiting on us in Marfa... By the way, I am curious to know how many outside of Texas have ever heard of this particular brand of chicken sh*t bingo. Comments welcome.


Where is Darran? said...

Really liking the pics lately

Fi said...

I haven't heard of chicken poop bingo before but it's a variation on cow pat bingo which I have, and which had me in tears of laughter when I first heard of it. Really like this chicken shot.

Go SoFoBoMo challenge...