Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ghost town graveyard

ghost town graveyard

This is from the graveyard in the Terlingua ghost town. I photographed here about 5 years ago and never really felt I got something that gave a sense of the place. I think I did a bit better this time around. I took more time, thought about what I wanted to show. Still working on the early selects for SoFoBoMo and doing very quick processing on a few images as I go along.


Anita Jesse said...

This is a knockout for me. Truly one of those, "I wouldn't have thought to frame it that way. (Whack on the head.) And why not???! (Another whack.) I don't know how much is interpretation, but for me you have managed to convey the heat and the dryness. Atmosphere, clarity of story—it's just all there.