Monday, June 29, 2009

bottom up

If you want a treat, check out Alexandre Buisse's SoFoBoMo book, Bottom Up. Some luscious, otherworldly landscapes. Jaw dropping mountain scenery, blue footed boobies, bright red frigate birds and a 6354m mountain climb. Great images. Makes me want to go and climb a mountain.


Alexandre Buisse said...

Well, thanks very much for that post, Gordon! It took me a little while to understand why one of my images was showing up at the top of the blog list on the SoFoBoMo website :)

MikeWinAustin said...

that was a great sofobomo!
the very last photo was fantastic, and the fact that i got to see a great photo of my favorite bird, made my day. (Blue Footed Boobie)

Brian Bastinelli said...

Very nice book he made there.

How about Mt. Rainier Gordon, say next August?