Wednesday, July 01, 2009

inner workings

One of the more unusual SoFoBoMo books I've seen this year is Paulo J. B. Mendes book, Inner Workings. This is a simple concept, exploring the inner details of electrical instruments from the middle of the last century. Superficially not the most visually exciting idea, but Paulo pulls it off with a simple style. Clean, well lit images illuminate how the instruments are constructed and what's going on behind the metal and bakelite facades. As an electrical engineer I'm probably in a small minority of potential viewers who are fascinated by this sort of thing-I loved this book. I understand if you don't share my enjoyment of this book, but I think that's a big part of what SoFoBoMo is all about. You don't have to make a book that has to appeal to a mass market, but you can make a book that can let you explore what you love and still find an audience. If you are interested in how things work, then take a look at Paulo's book and see what's inside.