Saturday, November 07, 2009

repeating themes

The question about influences came up at a workshop I did back in September. I sat and thought about what those pictures were and the paintings in the previous two posts came through pretty strongly as times I remember being in awe of a painting or piece of art. I hadn't really given them much thought in the last decade or more, at least not much conscious thought or making an effort to look at them. One other thing that Susan showed us was that for many artists these initial pieces or favourite pieces of art appear all throughout their photography. She showed artist after artist, first what they'd claim was their favourite influence, then the artist's own work, mirroring those themes. I went home that evening and had a look at some of my favourite photographs from the last couple of years and was really quite amazed by what I saw. I'll post some of those in the next day or so, but I recommend that if you answered the question with some thought, that you go and take a look at your recent images, with this in mind. You might be surprised.