Sunday, May 23, 2010

Austin Icons

Slowly coming to realise that SoFoBoMo kicks off next week. Life has been running me ragged recently, but I'm starting to form some ideas. Just picked up an iPad and I think my SoFoBoMo effort this year is going to be targeting an iPad format e-book. I still need to give some thought on what that means, but that's the end goal for me this time around. I think there is the potential for this to be the realization of a lot of the things Scott McCloud was talking about that I picked up on last year. An window onto an infinite canvas, rather than a series of pages. Not entirely sure how or if I plan on exploiting that but the potential is intriguing.  

For a topic, I just recently passed my 10 year anniversary of moving to the US so I'm thinking of reflecting and inspecting Austin and the sights that have inspired me over the last 10 years. Something of a retrospective, introspective tour of Austin's landmarks and iconography. We'll see how that changes or survives as a concept as I start to shoot.


Jan Klier said...

The idea of an iPad format is interesting. You should check out how Conde Nast has build their magazine experience for the iPad. You can download Vanity Fair for 4.99 in the app store. Pretty cool.