Sunday, November 20, 2005


Some different moods from Amanda. She doesn't really have multiple personalities. Honest. This is hard to get right - and I'm not entirely sure I like the results. I did edit a bit to keep at least one eye in almost register, for some base level/ visual horizon to latch on to. Not sure if this just ends up being a bit too disturbing.


ursula said...

It's not disturbing, a lot of it is actually quite beautiful.

I wonder if keeping certain features still (or not repeated) and others multiple would work.

In this picture I like the hair, neck/neckline/shoulders, the hands at the side of the face, the forehead and nose. I somewhat like the right eye (left on her, right for the viewer). I am not sure about the other eye - I'm so used to look for clear eyes in people pictures. The mouth is fine, except I keep wishing the line across towards the top of the teeth were not there, and I really wish the smile going up the side of the face were not there.

I don't know. I wonder if one were to think of this more as different aspects rather than moods, where you'd maybe have a couple front picture, a profile or two, a couple with hands, but blend portions, sort of like creating a painting.

AJAger said...

Adding to Ursula's comment, I wonder whether this might be a good candidate for masking out certain parts of the blended layers, in order to achieve a desired effect.