Saturday, November 19, 2005

Man made multiple images

Here's an example of a man made subject. Some how it just ends up feeling blurry, rather than interesting in the way that natural subjects turn out. Not sure what the distinction is - maybe that I know the table is solid, metal and not soft and mutable. Any ideas ?


clp69 said...

I haven't tried this yet but one thing that might be causing the effect you got is having the exposures not out of register enough to show as a different layer.

ursula said...

It'll probably sound silly, but it just looks wrong. Man-made objects like this are "not supposed to" look blurry or shaky.

The example motorcycle picture in the book is a very good example of a manmade object where the technique works.

I haven't had much success with manmade objects either, in multi-exposures I mean. Will keep trying.

Clara said...

I'd find a better manmade object. The table definatley does not add to the whole impact of the shot. Hmmmm, have you got a wooden table you could use that has some grain showing? That could prove more interesting.