Sunday, November 13, 2005


Something very different to multiple shots of the same scene are those multiple exposures that combine very different images in one. These two images were experiments I did in creating dreamlike images, based on sequences of shots taken around my apartment and just outside the door. These are full images, as shot but with some thought given to the placement prior to shooting. I did these the first time I read the impressionism book, several years ago.


ursula said...

Dreams or nightmares?

I love the chainlink picture. It is beautiful.

Out of curiosity, have you tried the same (or similar) not squared off?

Makes me wonder where you live though, with all that chainlink around you.

ursula said...

I wanted to say about the bottom picture that to my mind it is too peaceful to convey a sense of danger from fire. I am wondering if maybe getting a bit closer, so that the top circular cut off lettering were not in the picture, but the white "fire" at bottom right and the "storm" at top left would not work maybe a tad better. Maybe not.

Gordon said...

Probably more towards the 'nightmares' end of the spectrum I think.

I had to walk a bit to find the chainlink and barbed wire - it keeps us in at night ;)

ursula said...

Keeps you in, keeps you out :) There's a whole book there. Or two.