Sunday, November 13, 2005

Film flowers

These are a couple of multi-exposures that I shot on film. These are from one of the few rolls I've ever shot on my film SLR. I'd used the guidelines in the FP book and really quite liked the results of moving the camera in a significantly different directions. The linear movement in the green/yellow shot is particularly interesting to me.


ursula said...

From a "liking" point of view, I strongly gravitate to the top picture, the up and down movement multi with the yellow flowers. It is good to look at. When first looking at it I thought, "Wind". Then my mind set in and told me, "Wind goes sideways, dummy!". Then I tried to find another sense, and what I came up with is "Nightfall". Flowers in the evening, falling into darkness. Then I thought, "Ursula, you're getting kitschy!".

Long story short, I like the top picture, it's good to look at.

The bottom picture reminds me of looking through a bottle. IMVHO it is not as appealing as the top picture, even though the colours are beautiful. Oh well.

Unknown said...

I find the first one somehow reminds me of the 'Matrix' movie effects