Sunday, October 29, 2006


Amanda was the first portrait I did. A lazy afternoon, some light streaming in the window. This final shot was taken standing in our bathroom, with Amanda coming out of the closet! There's a big window with frosted glass behind me that provides a warm, even light, perfect for this sort of portrait. The fall off behind the door frame helps to have Amanda pop out of the page. The clothes hanging on the racks behind help to give a bit of texture and context too!
I always find posing a person difficult - I think mostly though I just have to get used to talking and shooting more. Make people feel confident in what I'm doing, so that they start to believe that they are in good hands and won't be made to look stupid. Maybe I can fake that feeling until it starts to be true!


ursula said...

About the photo itself, I very much like the background, it almost looks like very large out of focus bottles, like light shining through them a bit. It works. It's a classy photo. I like the little line of skin showing from the neck down, makes it a lot less "stiff". She looks like she trusts you, and yet, there is a bit of akwardness to the pose, sort of like she was just walking out of the shot and leaned back a bit to smile one more time.

It must be hard to try posing a person. I tried on Monday with my husband, and it didn't work well.