Saturday, October 28, 2006

Where did the year go ?

I think I've really picked my camera up twice this year. Both of those times were on trips to Australia. Other than that, somewhere along the line, I lost the will to shoot. Well, I lost the will to shoot the same subjects that I'd shot for the previous 3 years. The fun went away. Or I got busy.

Australia was a blast - Paul & Julie's wedding went fast then Tasmania was great. Back to Austin in February then we moved house straight after that. Some time around then the creative block dropped down on me. Fear of where I might be going. Weight of the previous shoots in Big Bend & Italy that I hadn't processed. Boredom with the images. Fear of moving towards the portraiture that I wanted to get in to but was afraid to talk to people about. So my camera languished. I lost weight, worked, got ready to start ironman training. Concentrated on work. Left my camera languishing. Then back to Australia for Kate's wedding. Lots of people, willing to have their pictures taken. Some of my best portraits, finding and seeing available light. Plenty of really rewarding, fun images. Somehow that resparked the fun. Made me want to get back in touch with my camera. Stop it languishing in the cupboard. The shot above was the highlight of the wedding for me. Dianne, Kate, Tim & Bob. Right at the last moment of the wedding. Running to get in the right place, composition falling in place in front of me. Right place, right time, right light, right people. Just right.