Tuesday, September 25, 2007



Colby is another great person I met on the Next Step workshop. He described himself as a bit of a ham, always being the joker in the group. Luckily we got to work together on a few shots and I had a chance to talk to him. Such a generous and helpful person. He even bought me beer when it was required for artistic purposes! Now that's a true friend. Here we are setting the scene for a shot that I'll actually be in - Colby is working as my stunt double. We shot a few pairs of concept images together and worked on looking at the lighting and communication. I found collaborating with another photographer helped me take an image to a new level. We'd discuss and improve a concept, talking back and forth on the issues and ideas in a way that's difficult on your own. It is certainly something I'd like to do more of in the future. Inspirational.


Anonymous said...

Very nice image of Colby. I like the topic of collaboration. It makes the process a lot of fun. Your anti-hero shot was an intriguing topic as well and one that I did not understand. I never saw that guy.