Wednesday, September 26, 2007



I went out on Sunday afternoon with a couple of friends to talk through some portrait lighting techniques. We walked around one city block and looked at the different ways light was bouncing around and how to find the quiet light. I took a few pictures along the way and this one has beautiful, glowing light bouncing around a very brightly lit, sunny plaza outside the new Austin city hall. We are under a big white tent, providing even more wrap around fill. All just available, found light. No modifiers, no strobes, simple once you find it. I went back this evening and walked around, shooting overview shots of the light we'd found on Sunday. Next step is to put those pictures together with the portraits I took and try to explain how I find the light. Going to be serialising that article in this blog over the next couple of weeks.


Steve said...

Beautiful portrait in GREAT light. Well done.

Holly Sisson said...

Beautiful portrait...can't wait to read the upcoming blog post...sounds very interesting! :-)