Thursday, September 27, 2007

not a portrait photographer


September. It was something like this. Just a few of the people I've photographed this month. I wouldn't say I was a portrait photographer. A year ago I had a real hard time photographing anyone, close friends, even my wife. I have a whole list of blog posts in the archive on fear, avoiding people, spending hours not approaching someone I wanted to photograph. I remember listening to some of Craig Tanner's podcasts from the Radiant Vista about a year ago and starting to make the effort to go a bit out of my comfort zone. Approaching my fears, take the pictures I really wanted to, but was too afraid off. I started a small project shooting some friends and that was a lot of fun. This month I did the 'Next Step' workshop with Craig in Savannah - which has a lot to do with again working through fears. September is almost over and I just realised I've taken pictures of a few people, so I decided to go back and look. I found well over 150 people that I'd taken pictures of in the last 3 weeks. Strangers, close friends, family. Some I spoke to for a few minutes, some we shot for hours, others I didn't even say a word to. So, I'm not a portrait photographer, but here's some of the people I've shot this month.


Julia said...

Nice!!! Remember how disappointed you were to get the DVD? Look how it makes that collection of images sparkle!

easymovet said...

I love the noticeable chunk of CD pictures. My wife was going through my last memory card transfer and saw 50 pics of CD's, she asked why i took them so I replied "because, ...I'm a photographer".

Paul said...

I remember having a similar experience after The Next Step. It was a great workshop.