Tuesday, November 13, 2007

just ask

I'm currently watching a really enjoyable documentary on Keith Carter, from Anthropy Arts. There's a lot of gems in this documentary, including his search for symbolism when shooting and how he got started, staying in New York, going through to collection at MoMA. He comes across as a genuinely pleasant and interested person, with a deep passion for photography and art.
One quote stood out for me, given my current preoccupations with portraiture. Keith is shown shooting in Mexico, working with some people playing basketball. After, he talks a bit about that process:
When I go up to people, I'm always nervous. That never goes away. I figure they are going to tell me no. I mean, why should they give me their time. So I just go and I just do it and I smile and I ask and I get right there. Sometimes they are so startled, they say 'sure' and sometimes they don't.


gabriel said...

This is one of the best photography documentaries out there! Very inspirational and Keith is an amazing person and artist. Did you get a chance to see the Genius of Photography series that recently aired on BBC as well as local cable?

John Tucker said...

That is a very good quote and something to keep in mind for myself. Thanks for sharing.