Sunday, November 11, 2007

woode wood

woode wood

Went for a walk around the trail in Austin last weekend. I sprained my ankle pretty badly about 2 months ago and I haven't quite managed to get back to running yet. So I've been walking instead, trying to get the flexibility and strength back. I decided to take my camera along with me.

I'd ran past Woode on many occasions over the last couple of years. He'd always be out somewhere on the trail and hearing him play would break up and brighten up my runs, but I'd never done more than wave or breathlessly try to say hello.

This time I stopped - glad I did. We talked for about an hour, listened to him play and saw just how important a part of the trail he's become. Everyone seemed to know him. Everyone smiled and waved and beamed as they ran past. The music is good too, check it out at his site,


Lulu said...

Cooper and I love to climb up on the rocks with Woode and have him sing us a song. This is a great pic (as always)!!

It was good seeing you guys out there.

woode wood said...

y'all are making my day.....

thank you.....

i'm on "docubloggers" tonight at 7:30p on KLRU(PBS)