Wednesday, November 07, 2007

what would you do...?

red nose
... with a box of 25 2" foam red noses ? I know what I'm planning on doing with them, as my next photo project, but what would you do (photographically...) ? Lighting, subject, backgrounds, location, themes, emotional content, overall concept - I'm interested in hearing it all. If someone gave you a box of these noses and the brief to come up with a photo project around them - how would you design it ? What would your concept be ? How would you approach it ?
Comments really welcome on this one.


Karen said...

To me, the obvious would be to find 25 cooperative people, have them wear the red noses and start shooting. Not very creative, though. How about animals instead of people? That would be a challenge. Or kids? I guess the question is--what else can you do with all those noses? Put them on people's toes? So tell me, Gordon, what are you going to do? I know it will be something far more creative than anything I could think of.

Spaz said...


Find an otherwise serious group of people, say lawyers. and convince them to wear the noses for a group portrait.

Set up a plain backdrop in some public area and convince passersby to wear the nose for a portrait and create a series of portraits that by sharing the common theme (the nose) in turn highlight the common humanity of otherwise random people...or something like that.

Since the noses are, well, silly, put them with something that is usually not silly, like statues of historical figures and photograph the statues wearing red noses.

That's just my 5 minutes worth of ideas. I'm sure you'll come up with something quite good.

Don and Sheryl said...

Go to a nursing home and brighten their day, I bet the old folks seriuosly would have fun posing.