Sunday, February 24, 2008

tom spreads his wings

tom spreads his wings

On the way to the weekly flickr get together I spied some garage doors that looked interesting, about a block from where we were meeting. Afterwards I mentioned wanting to take a couple of shots there and a few people walked on down. Tom was kind enough to act as the guinea pig and stepped up. There's 5 doors all painted with similar but differently coloured graffiti. I think I might be back again. I'm more tuned into the idea of finding backgrounds and as a result, I'm seeing great opportunities that just need a person in the right colours to set it off. I think this works quite well.


Julia said...

I have been paying more attention to all the murals around the city... Of course backgrounds can be anything.

I really dug that garage door find of yours! Less than a block away, too.