Friday, March 21, 2008

dune dawn


Early morning light, at Stove Pipe Wells dunes, Death Valley national park. Dawn is special to me - most people are sensibly tucked up in bed, asleep. The light is softer, creeping across the land. Sunsets are easy. Everyone is up and about for them, everyone shares in them. But dawn is special, solitary, beautiful. My favourite time of day - when I can get out of bed.


Amanda said...

My favourite photo (so far) from your Death Valley trip... apart from your crazy couch photo of course! The only thing missing? Me being there by your side while taking the photo - I loved it when we were out there last year.

advman said...

Wow! That's a practically perfect image. I love those lines, the subtle colors, the light tones, just everything. Incredibly iconic.