Thursday, March 20, 2008


sunspot sunspot sunspot
One of the bands I enjoyed the most at my brief time at SxSW was Sunspot. From Madison, WI, they were obviously enjoying the warmer Texan weather this weekend. I listened to several of their songs at Agave and picked up a CD which has been playing for most of the week in my car. They are self-described as arena rock for geeks and their music reminds me a lot of They Might be Giants or Weezer. Catchy, funny lyrics and good tunes. You can listen to them at the link above. In particular the homage to Quantum leap, Scott Bakula, is a fine track, with the lyric 'Scott Bakula never smoked crackula, he played quarterbackula in 'Necessary Roughness'. Worth checking out.


Paul said...

Cool lyrics, even cooler pictures. I really like the one on the left! Lots of emotion there.

Spaz said...

Great shots of the band members, but I thought Sunspot was from Madison, WI.

Gordon said...

yup, you are right. Fixed it up. Somewhere North of here and cold, anyway ;)