Saturday, August 09, 2008

bad blogger


Yes, I haven't been posting a whole lot recently, and now the Olympics have started. I haven't watched much TV in the last few years, but now I'm traveling for several weeks for work. Not much to do in the evenings. I've found out that with careful planning you can watch a solid 5 hours of CSI every evening. After a couple of weeks of that I've just about gotten over the excitement of the moving picture box in the corner of the room and ready to rejoin life. this morning I hiked 12 miles around a park here in the middle of Cary, NC. Beautiful weather, sunny, not too hot and well covered forest. Beautiful. But now, I'm back on the couch watching beach volleyball, cycling and Michael Phelps kicking butt in the pool.

I really do plan to pick up my camera again soon. Honest. I took a few shots last weekend back in Austin and am going to head to the beach this coming weekend. Pictures to come!