Sunday, August 03, 2008

photography drives you mad

I'm away from home for a few weeks and thinking about going to the Outer Banks to do a bit of camping. I've got free weekends and taking pictures by the beach sounds great. I could go this coming weekend, or the next - maybe even the week after - there is no pressing hurry. I just checked the long term forecast for next weekend. Scattered thunderstorms. My initial thoughts - oh, I'll skip it then, it'll be wet. Who wants to go to the beach in the rain? Then my photography brain speaks up and I start thinking 'hmm, broken clouds, dramatic light, perfect time to got to the beach!' So I'm torn, between my sane, don't camp in the rain thoughts and my drive to take pictures and get soaked.


Charlie Dunton said...

If you go this coming weekend (Aug 9-10) there is a Native American Pow Wow both days at the Manteo airport (right across from the NC Aquarium).

Sat 10:30-6:00 w/ Grand Entry @12:00

Sun 11:00-4:00 w/ Grand Entry @1:00

Great photo opportunity.
I've included a link to a sample from Va Beach this past April. Many of these dancers will be in Manteo.


Gordon said...

Hi Charlie,

thanks for that - looks interesting! I've never been to the Outer Banks before, looks like there is going to be plenty to see!

John Setzler said...

The forecast for all summer long at the outer banks is for scattered thunderstorms. They are common daily occurrences this time of year. They are usually short and sweet and you can go on about your business 20 minutes after one starts :)

Paul said...

Well, John beat me to it. Yes, along the Atlantic coast, that is the forecast for most every day. More than likely, you won't encounter any at all; however, if you do, it will probably be pretty light and last about 20 minutes. Don't let that forecast stop you!

Enjoy the Outer Banks. I've been living in NC for 4 years and have never been. :-) I seem to spend all of my time at the South Carolina beaches.