Monday, September 08, 2008

back in Austin


Got back to Austin on Friday night, after a few weeks away. I'd hoped that I would do more photography while in North Carolina, but really the urge never quite grabbed me. Really that means I didn't get out enough with my camera and start shooting, until the urge grabbed me. It is very rare for inspiration to find me, until I actually have the camera in my hand and take a few frames. So in NC, my camera languished in the bag and I watched the Olympics. Took some pictures in the Outer Banks, but mostly recording the places I'd camped and things I saw - nothing too interesting. Then I shot a bit with a point and shoot when hiking in the Smokies. Started getting a bit of a twinge of an idea and did some motion panning on the trees. A small step but got me thinking photographically again at least for a few moments.

Then this weekend, the Austin Strobist group seems to be resurrecting like a phoenix from the hot ashes of an Austin summer. People are turning up, plans are being hatched and it is shaping up to be an interesting Autumn season. I went along just to see people, but took my camera. Then snapped a few while people were talking. Ideas started to flow, I began noticing the light where we were talking, and took a few portraits, playing with the stupendously purple walls and inflatable furniture and the directional window light. Having fun again and motiviated. All it takes is taking some pictures. Now why didn't I do that when I was away?

carol chris


Paul said...

That's a great question, Gordon. I think that it has to do with familiar surroundings. You got back to Austin into your familiar surroundings and suddenly the ideas began to flow.

I'm forcing myself to get out with my camera here in Charleston. The muse only comes with the camera in hand.

Anita Jesse said...

I have to admit that I find some comfort in this discussion, since I have not been using my camera either. I think Paul has nailed it. There is a huge difference between feeling safely ensconced in our familiar area, or even on vacation for a short time in a new and fascinating place when compared to suddenly being thrust into a new and strange environment cut off from "home" and feeling a bit lost as a result. This certainly got me thinking.