Monday, September 08, 2008

fear and writing

Listening to Stephen King's On Writing via audio book. Once again that recurring theme of fear and creativity rears its head. This time, he states his belief that fear is at the root of much weak writing. Over qualification of phrases with adverbs, because the writer isn't brave enough to believe that their dialog will explain intent, without further qualification. Passive voice used, because the writer is too scared to exclaim "this is me, this is what I believe". Most interestingly enough was just the common theme, art and writing, fear and creativity. Any medium you like, most of us struggle to believe we've got anything interesting to say. Yet we all have a unique point of view worth sharing.


Paul said...

I've read that book, too. The one thing that I like most about it was when he said to "be honest" with your characters. If they would say something some particular way, make sure that you wrote it that way! Don't be shy.

It's the same for photography. You have to be honest and 'speak your mind', regardless of what others might say. I need to read that book again. It's the best book on writing that I've seen. It's very much zero B.S. and to the point.