Thursday, October 16, 2008

$20 lessons and other links

A mix of links and ideas for this post.
  • This idea, gave me the thought of trying it with artists, rather than entrepreneurs. I'm back to trying to work out why I take pictures, what I want to do with it, where to go. I'm thinking maybe I can use this lunch idea with a slight spin to generate some inspiration. Will see how this goes. I have a few people in mind.
  • I've read the 2point8 blog on occasion and really enjoyed No Flash Corner in the past. Recently found this series of thoughts on ways of working and doing street photography. A different approach to what works for me but certainly worth reading and thought provoking. What I like the most about No Flash Corner is that it is all about seeing and using great light. That really appeals to me.
  • Mark Tucker mentions wanting business cards with the job title of face collector. That also appeals to me. It's rattled around in my head for about a week now. The vast majority of my photography in the last year has been just that - collecting and studying faces of all types.