Saturday, October 18, 2008

legs and watch

legs and watch

Trying to teach myself how to sketch and draw a bit better. I think being able to draw might help my photography, working on observing the world more closely and spending time thinking about composition.

Part of this exercise included trying to find something suitable to draw on. I've got a big sketch pad with me on this trip and I've been scribbling on the back of business cards. Something in between would be useful, like a sketchbook. I'd always thought that moleskine was the only real option out there, but there are entire blogs like Black Cover devoted to finding alternative little black notebooks.

Anyway, I'm stumbling along in the early stages of putting pen and pencil to paper. I'll post occasional results along the way to share my embarassment and also see if it can influence my photography, or vice versa.


Robert Hoehne said...

I've had the same thought on drawing and found the pictures I want to draw ended up being the same as the ones I wanted to take as photos.