Thursday, November 13, 2008


raining here

Took a picture today. Was writing in my journal over lunch, rambling on about creative blocks and things like that. Got back in the car and was struck by the wet trees and colour. The picture is taken with a camera phone and isn't exactly my best ever, but it was surprising how compelled I was to make the image. I'm getting back to wanting to take pictures and I think the things I'm doing to try to spur on my creativity are actually starting to work, no matter how much I'm fighting against it.

I also got a chance to use FotoFlexer to edit the image. Surprisingly effective and easy to use. Good to use in a crunch.


Anita Jesse said...

That compulsion to take a picture is powerful, isn't it? Oddly enough, sometimes, I find that I simply have to take a photo even though I know there's almost no possibility that I will get a good shot. It definitely is more about giving attention to the subject and enjoying the light than it is about the merit of the final product.

Where is Darran? said...

looks good - would make a good desktop background