Monday, November 24, 2008

reading deprivation


I continue to stumble along trying to follow the Artist's Way program. This week, one of the big themes is reading deprivation. Avoiding any and all of the standard forms of reading that I do. The idea is that much of the things you read are just so many ways of avoiding hearing your inner thoughts and ideas. Words are little pieces of junk food that pollute the mind. Only about half a day into what is supposed to be a whole week of avoiding reading as much as possible. It is difficult! No blogs, no talk radio, no audio books, no magazines, forums, web pages, trying to limit email. Alone with your thoughts. TV isn't a valid substitute, so avoiding that too.

Interesting to realise how much of that sort of empty reading I normally consume in a week. In some ways I'm lucky this landed on Thanksgiving week - the long weekend holiday and plenty of other distractions to keep me occupied. Maybe I need to try this again later in a more typical week - but it is already quite a struggle. I think I'll pick up my camera, just for something to do (that's part of the idea after all!). Writing is a valid activity, so I may get around to doing some of the blog posts that have been backing up in my head. I suppose I should avoid reading any of the comments so don't expect a response this week.

ETA: After posting this blog entry, I then wandered over to google and searched for 'artists way reading deprivation' and read a few blogs about experience with trying to do this exercise. Not a great start...


forkboy said...

Does this mean you can't read your photo's EXIF data either ;-)

Paul said...

I started working the Artists Way, but then cast it aside. I guess that I didn't really have a 'block'. Also, I found that most of the things in there were not something that I was willing to try.

To deprive myself of reading ... no, I wouldn't do it. I can still enjoy multiple hobbies.

I'm glad to see that your muse reared its head again, but I don't know if it had anything to do with your NOT reading ... but who knows?

Unknown said...

I'm finding it interesting - picked it up with lots of preconceived notions. Mostly managing to just go with the flow and see where it takes me - interesting results so far as a consequence of the introspection.

Paul said...

Good. You'll have to let us know how it worked for you when you finish.