Sunday, February 22, 2009

morning pages


The more I write, the more I think. Getting each thought out on a page makes room for the next and on and on in progression. I've been doing morning pages, an idea from the Artist's Way, for about three months now, with occasional lapses. Each time I spend the half hour it takes me to write 3 or 4 pages long hand, I have new ideas. The initial ideas are always there, but capturing them on paper seems to give me the confidence to let that current idea go and move forward, rather than clinging onto the one idea and spinning in mental circles.


Paul said...

Way to go, Gordon. I'm glad to hear that those are working for you. Have you finished the Twyla Tharp book? If so, has it helped you? If so, how? :-)

Anita Jesse said...

Congratulations on finding a path that works. Your comments are persuasive. I am reminded of your posts on reading less. Like that post, this one lights a fire under me by reminding me that I fall, too easily, into a pattern of passive pursuit. I read, I listen to the point that there is little time left for doing. It's easy for me to spend too much of my time getting ready to do something.

forkboy said...

One question: what is this "writing" thing you mention?


mk said...

I just joined a group who are doing the Artist's Way together. I've been miserable at it so far, done morning pages maybe twice. We're meeting weekly and that's working wonders - an excellent refocusing and inspiration to carry one - but I'd like to actually buckle down and at least start doing morning pages regularly, if not the actual book exercises.