Saturday, February 21, 2009



Print is very rarely the medium I work in. I've occasionally had comments about images as being hard to print or challenging to print and that takes me by surprise - because I almost never consider it. I compose for a small screen. I edit and finish for a small, self-illuminated display. This is how I work much of he time. I used to think of this a flaw or something to address - something I needed to improve upon. Maybe it still is. But that small, self-illuminated display is a valid medium in its own right. Many, and perhaps most, photographs these days are not destined for a physical print. I'm becoming at peace with this idea.

And then there is SoFoBoMo and the final book.


Anita Jesse said...

While I find that I need to print occasionally, a high percentage of my shots are only ever viewed on my "small, self-illuminated display". That being said, I will admit that I recently printed (at 12x18) and framed four photos and it has me thinking more about printing again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gordon,

I recently posted some thoughts on that topic; for the most part I feel similarly.

That said, we're all gearing up for SoFoBoMo. What is different about a book of prints? This is an interesting topic which I think touches on a lot of the transitions going on in the print world. By in large, the new society is a digital one. I have to say that I'm comfortable with it.

Gordon said...

I've written about this before, but composing for a 640x480 scale view is quite different from large scale composition too - what works on a wall doesn't really always translate to a small view and the opposite is true too.

bob wong said...

Me too.

An electronic display is my method of photo consumption for several reasons.

First, prints are too much work, I could never keep up.

Second, the number of shots that I like goes way beyond what I could afford to print.

Third, I do not have enough room to display prints.

forkboy said...

And yet I like to print. I print some pictures every so often, place them in frames and sprinkle liberally about the house. I like to be reminded of my better efforts (inspirational perhaps?) and hope visitors enjoy them as well.

Besides, I think there is something decidedly lacking about the family being gathered around the computer monitor to look at pictures. But sitting together on the couch with a photo album....that just feels/seems more right. At least for me.