Monday, May 11, 2009

pablo at la kiva

paublo menudo

La kiva is a small bar out in far West Texas, in Terlingua and one of my favourite places in the state to get a 2 dollar beer (1 dollar at happy hour). Wednesday night is open mic night and we were lucky enough to be within about a 100 miles of the place, so it was just a quick ride over for some great BBQ and music. I'd heard of Pablo Menudo from others who've been there before. This was the first time I got to experience hearing him. Now you can too.

The audio was recorded just with the built-in mic on my Canon 1DII. I'm surprised how reasonable the audio quality is on the camera on the occasions I've used it. In this case I think it really adds to the image. From the crazy colours, you can probably tell this was shot with the available stage lighting. There were a few other photographers in the bar that night, mostly shooting with on-camera flash. Not only does that not help you get the full ambiance of the place, it was getting to be a bit intrusive to the other patrons in the bar. A fast lens and a solid table make much better options in a dark location like this.


Matt Gibson said...

Ah... memories. What I wouldn't give for a Terlingua Trio and a mind eraser on this Monday morning.

Looking forward to seeing more work from your trip!

Gordon said...

Hi Matt, thanks for commenting on this. It certainly brought back a lot of memories of our previous trip to be back at La Kiva and in Big Bend.

The BBQ was even better than I remembered, maybe because I used it to break a 4.5 week vegan/vegetarian streak.

We had to go back the next night to sample the brisket too - hadn't quite been cooked long enough to serve the day before.

Anita Jesse said...

I guess this is a tone-setter for the rollicking photo display on the way. It sounds as though you had a wonderful trip. Welcome back.

Gordon said...

Thanks Anita, I need to find some semblance of order in the chaos so that I can start working out what I've taken. Time to finally get the new mac up and running as a photo editing box. Lots of new things to learn and old things to relearn I suppose.