Sunday, May 10, 2009


Still alive. Just found an active internet connection too. Seems a shame. I liked having no access, no phone, no connection to the outside world. I'm amazed to find that the zombie swine flu pandemic hasn't destroyed the planet in my absence. SoFoBoMo has begun and I think I have most of the pictures taken for my contribution. 2000+ miles of driving, roughly the same number of exposures made. Should be able to eek out 35 worth looking at, I hope. The next fun task is editing. It is so much more enjoyable to just be shooting, dumping onto a couple of backup drives and ignoring the computer. Maybe art really is a verb. More in a few days, I'm sure. Once I've caught up on the email and other stuff.


Amy Sakurai said...

That is such a cool image! I love the contrast between ultimate urban and rural symbols. It's like two very different mental textures!

Gordon said...

Hi Amy, thanks for the comment. I think some of that urban/ rural split is what they are aiming at with that building out there. Partly that's why I'd had this 50/50 type composition in my head.

Trying to use Amanda in the cowboy boots and hat, but with a more 'urban' dress on to link the two together. As a location, it really is out there, nothing around. About 5 miles outside of Valentine, Tx - which is a literal one horse town (I saw it tied up on the main street) and about 60 miles from Marfa, which is maybe a 2 or 3 horse town.

It was worth the drive.